Multiverse Run - New Game From Beeline And Unicard

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Multiverse Run - New Game From Beeline And Unicard


From May 24, try a new game from Beeline And Unicard - MultiVerse Run, where you can play and collect an unlimited amount of minutes within Beeline network and Unicard points.


Game Rules:

  • Get simple verified with a mobile number
  • Choose an existing or create a new virtual Unicard card on your number and start playing
  • 1 Try For Game - 1 ₾
  • Use the mouse button or cell phone touch to avoid barriers and collect the minutes
  • Collected minutes will be allocated on your “Game Bonus” balance in MyBeeline App, and the points on the selected Unicard Card


The game is available at the following address


Balance check: *708#

The validity of bonus megabytes: 30 days

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