GameOnz Service for Beeline Subscribers

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GameOnz Service for Beeline Subscribers

Beeline launches a partnership with Gameonz, the platform that gives you access to various types of Mobile Games.


In terms of the partnership, you can subscribe to the GemOnz service for 5₾ per week.


To use the service: 

  • Visit the Gameonz platform, read the conditions and subscribe to the service;
  • In case of activation, you will be able to access the portal and use the service for 5₾ per week. The service fee will be charged from your mobile balance;
  • To unsubscribe, go to the link of your account (using mobile data, not Wi-Fi), which you received via SMS and press the “Unsubscribe” button or send SMS with text Unsub Gameonz on number 1407.

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