Beeline subscribers will be able to use Playwing service

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Beeline subscribers will be able to use Playwing service

Beeline is launching a partnership with Playwing, an international mobile game developer/publisher founded in 2017 by the founders of Ubisoft.

Playwing is a portal of mobile games, which includes top games of various styles and genres, which are free from advertising and In-App purchases, so users can enjoy the best gaming experience.

Within the framework of the partnership, Beeline customers can subscribe to Playwing service for 1₾/day. For this:


  • Visit the Playwing Portal, read the terms and conditions carefully, and click the subscribe button;
  • You will activate the Playwing service for 1₾/day and will be able to access the portal;
  • The portal has more than 250 games for Android, after subscribing you can download 2 games a day from the platform;
  • To unsubscribe, go to the link of your account that you received via SMS and click the unsubscribe button.

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