New and Improved Data Premium Line

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New and Improved Data Premium Line


From May 3 activate new bundles and get even more music, more fun and more data with the best conditions!


Activate the desired data bundle, pay once and enjoy the services for 90 days. Get access to licensed music and more data overnight with the Stingray Music App.


Music + 30GB (08:00 - 00:15) + more data at night (00:15 - 08:00)

Price: 15₾

Validity: 90 days

Activation: *315*103#


Music + 90GB (08:00 - 00:15) + more data at night (00:15 - 08:00)

Price: 30₾

Validity: 90 days

Activation: *315*303#


Music + 300GB (08:00 - 00:15) + more data at night (00:15 - 08:00)

Price: 50₾

Validity: 90 days

Activation: *315*300#


Premium Mix:

Music + 90GB (08:00 - 00:15)

Unlimited calls to all local networks

Unlimited SMS

Price: 40₾

Validity: 90 days

Activation: *315*40#


Only from MyBeeline App:

Music + 450GB (08:00 - 00:15) + more data at night (00:15 - 08:00)

Price: 45₾

Validity: 90 days


Balance check for “Data Premium” packages: *315#

Automatic prolongation is available for the packages. After 90 days, if you have sufficient balance, the amount for “Data Premium” package will be charged and the bundle will be activated for another 3 months.


Terms of using "Data Premium" packages:

For example, if you activate the package "Music + 30GB + more data at night", you will be charged once with the package price - 15₾, get 10GB and access to the premium package of Stingray Music App and will enjoy unlimited data at night. After 30 days, without any charge, you will get 10GB again and will continue to use the premium package of Stingray Music App and unlimited data overnight.

Note that unused megabytes accrued in the previous month will be canceled at this time. The same thing will happen in the third month.

If you run out of megabytes in less than a month, the data usage fee will be deducted from another package (if any) or from the balance of your number according to the standard price: 1MB - 0,10₾.

You can use Night Unlimited Data from 00:15 to 08:00.


If you activate another data bundle along with "Data Premium", in the period - 08:00-00:15 megabytes will be spent from "Data Premium" on the first place and then from another package.


„Data Premium” bundles can be activated using USSD code as well as through MyBeeline App, our website and Digital Self-service Kiosks (in Beeline offices).


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Stingray Music is available in App Store* and Google Play. To download App, follow the link.


*To use the application you must indicate Georgia in Apple ID.

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