eSIM - Virtual SIM Card is already in Beeline

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eSIM - Virtual SIM Card is already in Beeline

eSIM (Embedded SIM) is a new generation, virtual SIM card built into the phone that performs all the functions of a physical SIM card. The main advantage of eSIM is its easy and fast activation. eSIM can be activated along with a physical SIM card. Therefore, it is possible to use more than one number at a time.


You can purchase an eSIM or replace an existing physical SIM card with eSIM through the website, without visiting the Beeline shop. Service is available 24/7.


All Beeline services that you can use in case of a physical SIM card are also available for eSIM.


To activate eSIM, your smartphone should support eSIM technology.


More information about eSIM can be found here.

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