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Beeline already conducts customers’ experience survey through Medallia digital channels


Beeline, a member of the international group VEON, has added customer experience surveys through digital channels. The world-renowned online platform Medallia is already integrated into the Beeline website and MyBeeline application. Customers can fill out a short questionnaire to evaluate the Beeline digital channels and send a piece of advice as a comment.


Beeline is the first to introduce the worldwide recognized tool for customer demand, behavior and habits studying – Medallia in Georgia in 2018, and has been inactive use ever since. Customer satisfaction research starts from the very first day of networking - with a simple SMS survey. The conditions of the products and the experience gained from using them, as well as the quality of the call center and in-store services, are evaluated.


Beeline's customer experience is researched by an independent function, designed to improve customer service and customer satisfaction. “Consumer behavior is constantly and rapidly changing. To satisfy them, it is no longer enough to just solve existing problems or offer products and services based on past experience. Customer Experience (CX) leaders need to determine “already today” what experiences they want for their clients - “tomorrow” and be ready to meet their expectations” - says Beeline CX Manager Marika Chabukiani.


“Beeline has been using the world-renowned platform Medallia for almost two years. Satisfaction with digital channels has been added this year to product conditions and experience gained through their use, as well as quality assessment of call center and in-store services. This means Beeline has launched a survey of MyBeeline application and website users to understand the customer experience to further refine and improve digital channels,”- adds Marika.