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The upgraded website

Beeline launched an upgraded website with modern design and additional features  



Beeline, a member of the international group “Veon”, launched a new website upgraded to modern digital standards. With the upgraded look and additional features, the website is well fitted to the customer’s needs and is much more easy to use. The new website consolidates all the products and services of the Company in one space and enables the customer to perform the operations in a fast and simple way.

Any person visiting the website is able to become familiar with the information on Beeline services, to buy a SIM card easily and to activate the desired package. Existing subscribers of the Company are also allowed to easily and quickly carry out the operations, such as transfer of amount, activation of automatic payment, taking a credit or purchase of internet, voice and mix packages from a mobile balance as well as by a credit card.

By means of an integrated “personal cabinet”, subscribers will check personal data and the balance. One more novelty, which has attracted great interest in subscribers, is the computer game developed by Beeline enabling the customer to get mobile internet. The popular game is already available on the upgraded website and new versions are scheduled to be placed on the website in the future. The website is adapted to Smartphone as well as tablet screens.

Subscribers have made a significant contribution to the development of a new website; they took part in the relevant study and gave feedback to the company. Based on this study, customers’ interests and needs were taken into account to the maximum degree while upgrading the website.

Beeline continues the creation and development of digital products and will offer many interesting novelties to its subscribers even in the future, among which will be the updated version of My Beeline application ranked as number one among Georgian Android apps.