Beeline Became a Partner  of DCB Digital Content Aggregator – Digital Virgo

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Beeline Became a Partner  of DCB Digital Content Aggregator – Digital Virgo

As part of its digital strategy, Beeline started cooperation with one the largest and most significant DCB digital content aggregators, Digital Virgo. In frames of the collaboration, the products of merchants providing various digital services and content will be periodically launched.


The first such product, Playweez is already available. It is a mobile game portal where users can enjoy their favorite premium games online. To subscribe to this service, a subscriber has to go through a few simple steps:


  • The subscriber sees the product banners on the Internet, clicks on the banner and goes to the product page.
  • The product page describes the terms and conditions related to the product and says that the subscription to the product is 1₾ per day and the fee is deducted from the subscriber's mobile balance.
  • When the subscriber clicks the “Subscribe” button he or she activates the service and 1₾ will be charged every week, as a result, he or she will get access to the game portal and will be able to learn English step-by-step according to a predefined program.
  • If the subscriber wants to cancel the subscription, he/she will have to send an SMS with the text STOP PW to 1408 (the subscriber will receive the SMS about this after the subscription).



As part of its digital strategy, Beeline continues to create a variety of offers for customers. The company actively develops its digital ecosystem and constantly offers subscribers updated products and services. The company’s goal is to create additional value for customers and meet their needs with the help of modern technologies.