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The Winner of Beeline Hackathon - Beeline Game Jam Is Known


Beeline Online Hackathon - Beeline Game Jam has been successfully completed and the name of the winner has been announced. Twenty-six teams of at least 2 and no more than 4 members composed of representatives of designers, developers and related industries competed with each other for 48 hours creating prototypes of mobile games (in HTML5 format). After the working time of the hackathon, the jury got acquainted with each work and named the favorite game. The winning team - AbsoluteZero, consists of four BTU students: Saba Sakvarelidze, Beka Tsintsadze, Rati Alania, Beka Darjania. AbsoluteZero has become a partner of Beeline and will work with the company on the profıt sharing basıs. The game created by them, along with other Beeline games, will be posted on the portal. In addition, each member of the team was awarded a special prize - PlayStation 4. In addition to AbsoluteZero, the jury and the company have been interested in two more teams and are in talks with them to collaborate on a profit-sharing basis.


“Participation in the Beeline Game Jam gave our team a great experience in the process of creating a product idea to delivering a “finished” product in a short time. It was also very interesting to involve in the Talk with all speakers and mentors. Of course, the competition was very serious, but we managed to overcome and in 48 hours we created a product that exceeded all expectations. Game Jam was very well organized despite the Covid-19 pandemic conditions. We thank the organizers, speakers and mentors for this opportunity, - said Saba Sakvarelidze, one of the members of the winning team.


Beeline continues to support the development of the digital direction in Georgia and encourage industry representatives. Beeline Game Jam became a part of its digital strategy supported by the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency and in partnership with the Tbilisi Startup Bureau. The goal of Beeline Game Jam is to identify, encourage them and collaborate with local mobile game developers.


“Beeline Game Jam was the first in the process started by our company in the game field, which we implemented together with Georgian developers. The event had two main goals  - firstly, to find new local partners with whom we will continue working in the future, and secondly, to help the ever-growing Georgian gaming industry during the pandemic. I think that during the pandemic it was an interesting online event and the result exceeded expectations. Many new or already created teams were developing their own game ideas within 2 days despite the limited time. Judging by the results, they successfully overcame this challenge and in the nearest future we will be able to update the portal with games received from Georgian partners. We hope that next year we will be able to hold the Game Jam in the physical space, involving more teams, - they state in Beeline.  


Beeline stands out in the market by developing its own mobile games and innovative approach creating additional value for the customer. At this stage, 6 games are available on Beeline’s digital channels. The user can choose the desired game and start collecting megabytes. The company is already planning further development of the gaming portal, including the placement of games created locally by new talents opened as a result of the hackathon.