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Beeline Users Got Exclusive Access to One of the World’s Most Popular Music Applications, Stingray Music, and Free Use of the Premium Package of This Application


Beeline, a member of the international Veon group, is giving its users access to another leading platform in the world - the Stingray Music application. Stingray Music offers a user-specific collection of songs by artists found by the user.  However, only Beeline subscribers, instead of paying $3.99 per month, can use the premium Stingray Music package for free, which differs from the standard package with its high resolution and is ad-free.


The app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems and does not require registration - the app recognizes when a download is taking place in a phone with a Beeline SIM card and allows the subscriber to use the premium package directly.


Canada-based Stingray Group Inc. is a global leader in music, media and technology. Stingray has 400 million subscribers in 156 countries. With the Stingray music app, you can listen to thousands of songs anytime, anywhere.

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