All Beeline Mobile Games  on One Portal

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All Beeline Mobile Games  on One Portal

All active mobile games of Beeline, a member of the international Veon Group, are now available on the renewed portal: The portal allows users to choose the game they are interested in and accumulate megabytes and minutes without any limitations. In the renewed portal you can also check the Leaderboard where the users can see if they are among the top players of the day, week or month. The Blog category of the portal is dedicated to up-to-date information related to mobile gaming.


Beeline stands out in the market by developing its own mobile games and creating added value for the customer. At this stage, the Beeline portal hosts 7 exciting games created by foreign and Georgian developers. Users have a chance to choose the desired game and start accumulating megabytes, conversation minutes and in the future also SMS.


Until December 31, 2020, the users of Beeline games will also have a chance to participate in an on-going draw, as a result of which, at the end of each week of the month, the subscriber who has managed to get the most megabytes at once will be identified and those won megabytes will be doubled. The subscriber who gets the most megabytes in a month - from November 16 till December 16 - will receive a Samsung SM-830 40mm Galaxy Watch as a gift. On the last day of December, the subscriber who has accumulated at once the maximum points for the period from October 15 till December 30 will be identified and will receive a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone as a gift.