Modern Self-Service Terminals Are Installed in Beeline Stores

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Modern Self-Service Terminals Are Installed in Beeline Stores


Subscribers Will Be Able to  Receive Beeline Services on Their Own, without a Cashier-Operator


Beeline, a member of the international Veon Group has installed modern digital self-service terminals in the stores, which allow customers to easily and quickly, without the cashier-operator: to activate any Beeline product, top up the balance, get full information about the various packages and tariffs, find and choose the desired number, make a cashless payment, or get a serial number for redirected to the cashier-operator. Beeline digital terminals are new to the local telecommunications market and have no analogs.


The new self-service terminals are equipped with the latest technology, have a modern large screen and a sophisticated menu, which greatly simplifies receiving  Beeline services and makes them even more convenient. The terminal provides customers with information about products, including special offers and current promotions. Using the terminal, the customer can make a cashless payment when choosing one or more products, as well as a cash payment, in which case the product chosen by the subscriber is registered by the cashier-operator in the store and the purchase process is completed with him/her. The number purchase service is also noteworthy - the customer has the opportunity to filter the numbers by category and index, or to enter the desired number directly in the search field.


Today, the terminals are located in Beeline stores in Tbilisi - on Rustaveli Avenue and in Gldani. Terminals will be gradually installed in other districts of Tbilisi, as well as in Kutaisi, Batumi, Zugdidi and Rustavi.


Continuous development of digital products and ecosystems is an integral part of Beeline strategy. The company strives to create and improve digital products tailored to the customers’ needs, to give customers a new experience and simplify everyday life.