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SMS portal

Beeline offers companies SMS portal, which allows you to send messages to the desired target segment as a result of processing Big Data


Through the portal, companies will plan and manage SMS campaigns independently



Tbilisi, July 3, 2020 - Beeline, the member of the international group VEON, gives the companies a new unique opportunity to identify the target segment of interest to them with maximum accuracy and provide with the SMS-customized information through the newly implemented SMS portal, which processes Big Data, The portal was fully created by the Beeline team and the principle of operation of the product is to process the information accurately and then use it purposefully.

Through the portal, the company can independently send group messages to the desired number and location of customers under the desired name, check the status of the sent campaign, plan campaigns and see the results of the already conducted campaigns. During the campaign planning, the company has the opportunity to use filtering according to several data simultaneously: the company's own customers base; any region of Georgia (it is possible to choose several regions simultaneously); any district of Tbilisi (it is possible to choose several districts simultaneously); filtering by type of Smartphone on a full base of Beeline; the number of SMSs to be sent. It should be noted that in order to protect personal data, the company is unable to identify subscribers and the data of Big Data is also completely depersonalized.

The portal provides an opportunity to suspend the campaign that is initiated, correct it if necessary, and continue the campaign. The portal also generates an invoice based on the number of filters and the SMSs, and several employees of the company can use the system simultaneously, as well as send campaigns under different brand names.




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